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Library Takeover $18,000

Library Takeover is presented as an "event planning bootcamp" for these adult learners, to give them an opportunity for professional development while also asking THEM to take ownership of the library by curating library programming--to put on events that they would enjoy planning and leading for their peers. There is a twelve-session "curriculum" that Apples & Snakes has shared that provides a framework so that teams are guided through the event planning process. Sessions are on everything from brainstorming program ideas to how to budget for your program to creating a marketing plan for your program. These in-depth learning sessions support the library's mission of developing lifelong learning opportunities for adults.

This program meets several library goals. Most importantly, it flips the usual library programming model to have community members curate and plan library-sponsored events. By having community members help curate our programs, we expand the library's accessibility since each of these community members will bring their own audience to the events they plan. Piloting this program in 2016 means that potentially we have the opportunity to expand and develop Library Takeover into a wider model for community-led library services. There is a wealth of potential partnership opportunities, between library departments and staff as well as with community partners--to strengthen existing partnerships but also develop new ones. An innovative program of this scale makes for a great "excuse" to reach out to "dream partners" or people the library has not approached in the past.
The twelve week sessions would start in mid-September and run through the end of the year, with expected community-led programs occurring in the spring of 2017. The program would be evaluated through conversations with community partners and mentors/guest presenters to measure if the library met goals for community engagement and offer suggestions for improvement before expansion. Community-led programs would be evaluated through attendee surveys.
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If you have a donor-advised fund through Fidelity Charitable or Schwab Charitable, you can make a gift directly to Madison Public Library Foundation through DAF Direct.

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