Samuel Li is a full-time cinematographer and photographer based in Madison, Wisconsin. His career grew from people’s pride in the Midwest. Although most of his work highlights cityscapes, iconic places, and the scenic beauty of Wisconsin, he travels to Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois and beyond to capture purchasable photo prints. “I’ve been incredibly fortunate with my print sales, so I wanted to give back to the community that supported me,” he says of his recent donation to Madison Public Library Foundation.

Growing up in Appleton, Li frequently visited his hometown public library, and recognized how important and crucial libraries are to every community. “I specifically chose to support Madison Public Library Foundation because public libraries are a cornerstone of any community,” he says. “Free books, free computer access, and much more are so important.”

Li made the donation as part of a charitable print sale he ran toward the end of 2022 that included a 25-percent-of-proceeds gift to various nonprofits in Wisconsin. These included Madison Public Library Foundation, Ice Age Trail Alliance, Wheels for Winners, and Porchlight.