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Donations Are an Important Part of Book Festival Budget

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the Wisconsin Book Festival, a year-round lineup of diverse programming for all ages that
encourages reading and engages minds.

This annual celebration of all genres of books, and local and nationally acclaimed, bestselling authors draws not only local interest, but also visitors from throughout the state and beyond.

The entire festival budget is $250,000. Madison Public Library Foundation raises about $120,000 in private funds to keep the events free and open to the public. Support comes from companies, organizations and individuals interested in providing an exchange of ideas. The remaining budget is provided as in-kind support from Madison Public Library, festival sponsors, program partners and other organizations.

There are a variety of costs that the foundation pays for, including the festival director’s salary, authors’ travel expenses, events marketing, and facility operations and cleaning costs due to the libraries staying open late or hosting a larger number of people.

Each Book Festival program costs $1,100 on average. In 2016, there were 106 programs held, most during the fall festival weekend. To be able to continue offering the wide assortment of events, the festival needs your support. Donations of any amount are welcome and encouraged to keep programming free, and to maintain or expand the number of events per year. Please consider making a gift on our Donate page. If you own a business, corporate sponsorship is a wonderful way to reap tax benefits while supporting this important community event that contributes to the quality of life in the Madison area.

Contact the foundation at 608.266.6318 to pursue a business sponsorship or major gift to the Wisconsin Book Festival.

Michelle Lu, author of young adult fiction, discusses her series of novels at the Wisconsin Book Festival in November 2016.

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