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Plourds Offer $25,000 Challenge Gift to Pinney Library Campaign

The Capital Campaign for a New Pinney Library is getting a big boost, thanks to loyal library supporters Phil & Rhonda Plourd.

The Plourds, who live in Cottage Grove, committed a challenge gift of $25,000 toward the new facility. If the foundation can raise $25,000 in the coming weeks, the Plourds’ contribution will turn that total into $50,000!

“We have a love of books, a love of reading and a love of learning, and we can’t imagine a life without books,” says Phil Plourd, who joined the foundation’s board of directors last month. “We have lots of books at home, too, and they’re important to have. But the new library is really important for the many people whom buying books is not an easy option.”


With the absence of a library in Cottage Grove, Pinney Library is the hometown library for the Plourds, who have two teenagers, ages 16 and 14. Pinney Library has been a part of their family’s life since day 1, when they used it to check out books for their young children, Phil Plourd says; since then, someone from their household visits Pinney almost weekly. Rhonda “probably reads a book a day,” he says.


“We’re super-energized and excited about how the new library has a chance to play an even bigger role in the far east side for the families it serves,” he says. “We only get so many chances to participate in a project as big and as exciting for the neighborhood as this one. This is a great opportunity for us to join in the fun.”


Visit the foundation's Donate page to make a contribution to the The Capital Campaign for a New Pinney Library, or attend Give Back on Giving Tuesday at the Harmony Bar & Grill on Tuesday, November 27, from 5–7 p.m. 

The new Pinney Library is expected in open in late 2019.

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