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Summer Clubs Motivate Kids to Keep Reading

When children don’t read over the summer, they lose some of the hard-earned skills they acquired during the school year. The average student will lose up to one month, with disadvantaged students losing closer to two months. As summer learning loss — often referred to as “the summer slide” — accumulates, it can leave some children two full years behind their peers by high school.
Madison Public Library’s Summer Reading Clubs work to prevent that learning loss. This year, the library will focus on targeting youth from low-income households to ensure those who need help the most are receiving it, said Youth Services Supervisor Tammy Pineda.
“We’re planning more intentional outreach to kids in summer school and home daycares,” Pineda said. “We’re also educating people in our community who work with kids over summer break on summer learning loss, and how they can incorporate literacy activities into their daily schedule. Together, we can work to narrow the achievement gap and make reading fun for kids.”
This year’s Summer Reading Clubs theme is “Read Like a Badger – Build a Better World.” There are clubs for every age. Interested children can sign up at their neighborhood library or at Madison Public Library Foundation’s Rock & Read fundraiser on Sunday, June 18, in the Capital Brewery Bier Garten in Middleton (see story on Events & Highlights page). Daycare groups and other groups that work with disadvantaged youth may sign up online at
Funding for the Summer Reading Clubs is provided in large part by the foundation and its Rock & Read fundraiser. Other sponsors include Olbrich Botanical Gardens, Overture Center for the Arts, Friends of the Sequoya Library and South Central Library System.

This year’s Summer Reading Clubs theme is “Read Like a Badger – Build a Better World.”

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