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Peggy Nolan: A Fan of Monroe Street Library, Book Club Kits

Peggy Nolan is a regular at Madison Public Library’s Monroe Street location. She frequently goes to the library to check out books for leisure. An avid reader, Peggy takes advantage of reserving books before they even hit the shelves.

Louisa Kamps: Book Festival Is an ‘Intellectual Hub’

Louisa Kamps, who recently became a Wisconsin Book Festival Ambassador, has been attending festival literary events for several years. A Madison resident for 13 years, she’s an avid reader of mostly nonfiction.

Joan Zieger: Book Festival Fun to Attend, Convenient to Watch on BookTV

Joan Zieger of Middleton is a self-described Wisconsin Book Festival “nut.” She’s been attending free author events since the festival began 16 years ago, and has even served as an author escort.

Tom DeChant: Libraries Will Require Growing Support

Tom DeChant, a Madison Public Library Foundation board member and former board president, says he decided to become a Silas Pinney Legacy Society member and leave a gift to the foundation because he believes public libraries will only continue to grow in relevance as a critical community resource.

Diane Grypp: Library Makes the Community ‘a Better Place to Be’

Diane Grypp was raised with a deep love and appreciation for local libraries. Her mother was a librarian in Milwaukee for over 20 years and would lead storytimes for the younger patrons. Through her mother, Diane was able to experience firsthand the work that goes into running a local library.

Annie Jeong: Library’s Book Selection is Diverse

A recent graduate of UW-Madison, Annie Jeong has been using Madison Public Library for more than three years. However, she recently became an official patron two weeks ago when she signed up for a library card.

Hasan Kaya: Madison Public Library Is a Safe Place

Since 2002, Hasan Kaya has been a loyal Madison Public Library patron. Hasan’s parents brought him to his first local library, Sequoya Library, when he was 6 years old. From a young age, his appreciation for libraries grew.

Nancy McGill: Libraries Inspired Her to Leave Gift for Endowment

Nancy McGill fully understands the value that libraries bring to people’s lives. For many years, she was a librarian in specialty libraries, with a subsequent career in nonprofit fundraising that included volunteer work for library fundraising.

DeShawn Witter: Growing in Volunteer Role

DeShawn Witter has been a Madison Public Library Foundation volunteer for nearly two years. He works as a Corporate Social Responsibility Associate at local tech company Zendesk, a partner of Madison Public Library Foundation and loyal sponsor of several annual events.

Gerri Gibbons: Library as a Career Tool

Gerri Gibbons says she has been using the Madison Public Library most recently as a tool to support her career shift. She checks out relevant magazines, listens to podcasts and gains access to other resources that resonate with her client base.

Liam Canavan-Randall: Part of My Daily Routine

Madison College third-year welding student Liam Canavan-Randall's days of textbook studying are behind him at this point in his degree, since most of his school work is hands-on and takes place in a lab. So instead of using Madison Public Library as a study space, Liam visits Alicia Ashman Library mostly to relax.

Carole Thomas: Almost Any Book Available, Anytime

Carole Thomas, who served as a librarian in Boston for 28 years, says she loves Madison Public Library because she can get almost any book she wants, anytime she wants it.

Zach Smith: Appreciating All That the Libraries Have to Offer

Making frequent use of Madison Public Library’s Central location, Zach says he most often checks out books and DVDs, and even used the library to vote in 2016 and to reserve rooms for meetings. He says he has really come to appreciate all the library has to offer.

Maddie & Aaron Van Cleve: Library Aided Our Wanderlust

For Maddie and Aaron Van Cleve, Madison Public Library was the “one-stop shop” for planning their honeymoon.

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