Sometimes, Madison Public Library has unexpected needs that pop up throughout the year that don’t require a large amount of funding or planning. Madison Public Library Foundation and the library worked together in the spring months to address these smaller financial requests by developing the Mini-Grants Program, which provides dollars for projects of $2,000 or less.

“We want to be nimble and responsive to the library’s needs, and make it easier to get the tools, materials or other resources necessary to make great things happen in our libraries,” said foundation Executive Director Jenni Collins.

Some of the projects funded so far include DVDs for the library’s collection; food items for innovative teen programming that builds connections and computer skills; the Bubbler’s Library as Retreat space, a new way of looking at the Bubbler as a home for performing, contemplating and gathering; and A Wild Rumpus, a series of outreach events for young children and parents.

Library staff are able to apply for mini-grants throughout the year simply by describing the project in an email to foundation leadership.

Donations to the annual fund will help fuel mini-grants. If you would like to support this new program, make your gift today at