Ann Falconer, a longtime member of the Friends of Madison Public Library board and pictured above at left, died December 21 at age 91. Several fellow Friends members shared memories of Falconer with us recently. 

“Ann took over chairpersonship of the committee overseeing the Friends Bookstore and worked closely with the bookstore’s managers and volunteers, and with library staff and the board, to make our store as successful as possible,” said Carol Chapman. “Ann also managed the Friends’ larger book sales, coordinating with volunteers and staff.

“When Ann decided that she wanted to retire from the Friends, she stayed on and assisted in the recruitment of a bookstore and sales manager to take on those tasks.  Ann was a very dedicated and conscientious person, and the Friends and the library benefited greatly from her work and love of the Madison Public Library.”

Falconer as a dedicated volunteer for the annual Book Club Cafe for many years, according to Carol “Orange” Schroeder. “We could always count on her cheerful presence at registration, and her willingness to help behind the scenes as needed,” Schroeder said. “She’ll be missed.”

Barb Karlen, who is currently active with the Friends of Lakeview Library, said Falconer served on many City of Madison committees, which helped her gain understanding that benefited her work with the library.

“Ann was one sharp lady — well informed and self-confident, but at the same time she was not all wrapped up in her own opinions or rigidly tied to particular issues,” Karlen said. “Her memory was excellent, and she could provide historic context to current issues. She also baked delectable cookies for special occasions, often in large quantities.”

View Falconer’s obituary here.