Madison Public Library Foundation regularly invests in new technology for Madison Public Library each year. Improving and expanding technology is important because many Madisonians cannot afford to own devices at home, and the library strives for equity in its delivery of services and collections.
For the last year, the library has piloted GoChip Beam movie and TV hotspots at Central Library. The foundation purchased a startup collection and provided dollars for a standing order that will last all year long. The movie and TV show title lists were vetted by Video Librarian Liz Amundson, and the physical collection was carefully prepared by Tina Maes and Sandy Taylor in Technical Services, with Reference support testing by Martin Alvarado.
GoChips are rechargeable devices that store several movies or a complete season of a TV show and set up a local wi-fi network to make the videos viewable through wi-fi enabled devices like a tablet, phone or smart TV. Series hits featured in the library’s GoChip collection include Breaking Bad and Outlander. The movie GoChips have genre themes like thriller, drama or animation. Each device has a passcode that the patron types into the wi-fi network, and that enables the device to connect to the GoChip like a hotspot and deliver the media to the device.
“It’s important for the library to offer new technologies for patrons to explore and try out for themselves,” said Library Collection Manager Molly Warren. “Thanks to Madison Public Library Foundation, GoChip is a new way to experience media.”
Visit Central Library’s help desk to learn more about GoChips or to check one out.