Students like Kazuyuki Negishi are proof that libraries are for everyone, and learning is lifelong.

Within the last year, Negishi relocated to Madison from his home country of Japan. Since his move, he has been taking classes to learn English. 

Negishi frequents the second floor of Madison Public Library’s Central Library, often visiting several times a week.

“I am staying with a roommate, and he can be very noisy,” Negishi said. “I cannot study when it is noisy. I come here to do homework and study because it is quiet.”

Negishi said he is 66 years old. When he was a student many years ago in Japan, he said he did not think learning a second language was important. But since he came to Madison, Negishi works very hard to practice reading, writing, and speaking in English as much as he can.

“I want to be able to communicate better, so I study here,” Negishi said. “It is quiet, and everyone is nice.”

Madison Public Library provides spaces and resources for learning at all ages in its nine locations, as well as through the Dream Bus mobile library and other outreach programming.