Each semester, Madison Public Library Foundation hires interns who gain communications, event planning and nonprofit development skills. We’d like to introduce you to Kyle Engels (pictured above, right), our fall Communications Intern! Kyle is a talented writer who jumps in to assist our staff in promoting important foundation events and efforts. If you follow us on social media or read our emails, he’s often played a role in developing that content.

Kyle is a UW-Madison senior double-majoring in English and Communication Arts. A native of Juneau, Wis., he enjoys blogging and writing small bits of fiction online in his free time. “My English coursework has really inspired me to do independent work more often — as much as school will allow me!,” he says. He also practices Taekwondo on campus with UW’s TKD club and is President of the UW-Madison FGC/RGC Club (Fighting Game Community and Rhythm Game Community). “Getting together with others to play these games is a great time, and I’m happy to have kept that community going through the pandemic,” he says.

A big fan of science fiction, Kyle’s favorite book is The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin. You’ll find him checking out either thriller or science fiction novels most often at the library.

He hopes to pursue a career in writing or marketing for the entertainment industry after he graduates in May.