When Conor Moran took over as Executive Director last December, one of the first changes he made was to his email signoff. Little did he know that by adding the simple closing statement, “Hope you’re reading something good,” he would learn so much about all of you!

He heard from teachers, librarians, authors, board members, and donors. The range of your reading was incredibly broad, from bestsellers like Lessons in Chemistry and Tom Lake, to nonfiction about topics like the shipwreck of the Endurance and Nora Ephron’s essays. How many people have read Charles Dickens’ Barnaby Rudge? At least one! People traveled and read The Cellist of Sarajevo and The History of the Siege of Lisbon to immerse themselves in the stories. And there was even a clear winner: The book you read the most this year was Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver.

Thank you for sharing all your reading this year. And, as always, hope you’re reading something good!