In the past several months, Madison Public Library Foundation staff have dedicated time to visiting each of the nine Madison Public Library locations to get a behind-the-scenes tour, meet librarians and other staff, and learn more about each neighborhood library. This project has been incredibly valuable for foundation staff to improve their work to support the library.

While visiting, foundation staff had the opportunity to speak to library employees face to face, get a better sense of the space and furnishings, and learn about the capacities of each library. These in-person visits give the foundation a distinct opportunity to better understand the unique needs of each library.

During the visits, the foundation reminded library staff that it’s available as a resource, whether that be for fundraising, advocacy, special projects, or as a promotional partner. The visits also influenced the foundation’s decision to hold its 30th birthday celebration in all nine libraries. 

Madison Public Library Foundation is proud to support the libraries, and loved learning more about how to best serve their staff and patrons!