The U.S. Green Building Council announced last month that City of Madison Engineering achieved LEED Gold certification for the new Pinney Library.

USGBC created LEED to measure and define what green building meant, and to provide a roadmap for developing sustainable buildings. With LEED, USGBC establishes a baseline — a universally agreed-upon holistic system for reducing environmental impact. Pinney, which was designed by OPN Architects and constructed by Tri-North Builders, Inc., includes the following green features:

  • a geothermal system that will reduce heating and cooling loads on the space; with the addition of solar panels in a future phase, the project could be a net zero energy facility over the long term
  • a highly efficient mechanical system that provides proper ventilation for improved indoor environmental air quality
  • windows and walls that are significantly more insulated than code minimum, reducing the heating/cooling demand
  • a raised floor system that allows for flexibility for future library remodels; power and data systems can be rerouted beneath
  • efficient LED lighting with sensors
  • urban ash ceiling, wall and end panels from local trees harvested due to the emerald ash borer
  • low VOC paint and wood finishes