Madison College third-year welding student Liam Canavan-Randall’s days of textbook studying are behind him at this point in his degree, since most of his school work is hands-on and takes place in a lab. So instead of using Madison Public Library as a study space, Liam visits Alicia Ashman Library mostly to relax. He says the library provides him a quiet, open work space, and he typically uses a table to practice sketching.

“It’s part of my daily routine,” he said of his visits to Alicia Ashman Library. “I come almost every day of the week. It’s how I unwind after a long day of classes.”

Liam also uses the library to access the internet and his email account. “I don’t have wifi at home,” he said. “I feel lucky I can come to the library every day and have access to the internet. It’s essential, especially while in college.”