Madison Public Library Foundation kicked off a campaign on Library Giving Day (April 7) that ran through the end of April to recruit new Sustainer — aka monthly — donors. Thanks to a generous matching gift from Tom DeChant, Paul Gibler and an anonymous donor, the foundation finished the month with 66 new contributors who committed $1,364 per month, or $16,368 — including the matching gifts — over the next year! This effort nearly doubled the total amount of recurring gifts the foundation receives each month.

Sustainer giving is an efficient way for the foundation to manage donations because it provides a reliable stream of income and requires less fundraising management than one-time gifts. Sustainers tend to stick with the organizations they support for a long time, and they enjoy the ability to support Madison Public Library’s efforts to build literacy, lifelong learning and connections on a daily basis.

Beginning in June, a $10,000 matching gift from Lau & Bea Christensen is available for any first-time and returning annual fund donors. If you know someone who loves the library but may not know about the foundation’s work, please send them to our first-time donors campaign page to learn more!