Gerri Gibbons says she has been using the Madison Public Library most recently as a tool to support her career shift. She checks out relevant magazines, listens to podcasts and gains access to other resources that resonate with her client base. The library’s wealth of information, she says, helps to keep her current and well-informed as a life coach.

“I’m only a marketer until Friday,” said Gibbons, during a break from reading a newspaper at the Monroe Street Library. “On Friday, I quit my day job and become a full-time life coach.”

Her local branch is the Alicia Ashman Library.

“For me, it’s a happy place,” Gibbons reflected. “When I’m not with clients, I work from home, but that can start to feel isolating. I can be here [at the library] and find a quiet work space while feeding off of the energy of the people around me.”