Susan Policello knew dedicating a bike rack outside the new Pinney Library was the perfect way to honor her 97-year-old father, Donald H. Korn.

As the doors of the new library prepare the open to the public for the first time, we look fondly at Pinney’s past and excitedly toward the future of this new facility. A special thanks to Policello and Korn for supporting Pinney Library and sharing this beautiful story!

“Since my dad is 97, I had been thinking about ways I could honor/memorialize him … one day I was at his house — the house I grew up in — and saw the library newsletter. I had asked Dad about donating to the building fund of the Pinney Library, which he did and is probably why he got the newsletter. In any case, when I read the article about the bike racks, I knew right away that this would be the perfect way to honor my dad. Pinney Library is his home library, though before it was in his neighborhood, he frequented the Central Library. My dad did get books from the library, but more than that, he checked out music …

“He was always grateful for the help that the staff at Pinney gave him when he was looking for a particular piece of music … The bike rack was a perfect way to honor him. He loved going to the library and visiting with the staff there and he used his bike for transportation … Dad still has his bike, but about seven years ago he realized his balance wasn’t so good and doesn’t ride anymore.”