We’re continuing our series of updates from staff members since they began working from home last spring. This month, get to know foundation Donor Relations Manager Dayna Long. 

I used my extra time at home over the last year to do a lot of baking. I baked 15 different types of cookies and tried out a few cakes, too. My favorite new recipe is this Faux-Reos recipe from King Arthur Flour, but I have yet to bake cookies that I don’t like.

I also started some tomato and pepper plants from seed shortly after we all started living “Safer at Home,” and by June, I had a fantastic garden on my balcony — far more successful than my last garden, which was on the ground and home to a tomato-loving rat.

One of my favorite things that came out of the past year is that my partner and I started going for daily walks around our neighborhood, where there are lots of trees, beautiful houses and several great parks. It’s been a treat to get to see the seasons change in such a pretty area.