Financial Transparency

Financial Documents & Policies

One of the foundation’s five core values is integrity. We build our trust with our supporters through transparency and wise use of organizational resources. Please view our Donor Privacy Policy, Form 990, and most recent audited financial statement below. Visit our Annual Reports page to learn how the foundation spends each dollar raised through donations, fundraiser ticket sales, and corporate sponsorships while protecting its donors’ personal information. 

Donor Privacy Policy

Madison Public Library Foundation will not exchange, sell or give away its donors’ information to any other entity.

— established in 2003 by the foundation Board of Directors


Madison Public Library Foundation 2022 Form 990

Madison Public Library Foundation 2023 Audited Financial Statement

Madison Public Library Foundation 2022 Audited Financial Statement

Administrative Charges on Donor-Designated Gifts

One of our fundamental goals is to support library branch and program fundraising. However, we incur substantial costs and out-of-pocket expenses to develop proposals and reports, and to properly recognize donors and their gifts. The foundation adopted a policy to withhold 5 percent of each donor-designated gift of more than $1,000 to support these administrative costs.